Commemoration on May 4 in Dorpscentrum
and Bos van Wijckerslooth

On May 4, not only will the National Commemoration in the Bos van Wijckerslooth take place in Oegstgeest, but there will also be a commemoration in the Dorpscentrum prior to this. This year's theme is "Freedom in Connectedness".

Commemorative meeting in the Dorpscentrum from 18:00-19:00, walk-in from 17:30
At 6 pm in the Village Center we will commemorate all the war victims who lost their lives as a result of WWII in order to liberate us. The names of Oegstgeester war victims will also be read out. Children of the Montessori school will read a poem.
The speaker during this commemoration is Prof. Dr. Herman Amersfoort. He grew up in Oegstgeest and was professor of Military History and Strategy at the Dutch Defense Academy in Breda.
You are most welcome from 5.30 pm.

Commemoration in the Bos van Wijckerslooth: 19:45-20:30
The National Commemoration will take place at the war memorial in the Bos van Wijckerslooth from 7.45 pm. Then we commemorate the Dutch war victims: civilians and soldiers who gave their lives for freedom in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and anywhere in the world since the outbreak of the Second World War and subsequently in war situations and peace operations.
This year the honorary couloir will be provided by Scouting group Sagara Satrya's and 2 students of the Montessori school will reflect on the war violence that has taken place and is still taking place through a self-written poem.
The speaker at the National Commemoration is Prof. Dr. Arif Kutsal Yeṣilkaǧit. He lives in Oegstgeest and is professor of public administration at Leiden University.

Walk-in in the Dorpscentrum
Immediately after the Commemoration in the Bos van Wijckerslooth, everyone is welcome for a walk-in in the Village Center with coffee or tea.

A growing number of residents of Oegstgeest, including an increasing number of young people, participate in the commemoration in the Bos van Wijckerslooth on 4 May. This commemoration is organized by the following organisations:
• Oranjevereniging Oegstgeest
• Oorlogsgraven Comité
• Het Comité Halifax
• De Raad van Kerken Oegstgeest
• Veteranen Oegstgeest